Our principal engineer has over twenty years of experience in Computer and Electrical Engineering.

Recent code development efforts include:

 Assembly source code for a dsPIC30F Microchip 16-bit Digital Signal Controller

 ABEL source code for Xilinx XC9572XL High Performance CPLD

Another significant area of expertise is the UNIX Operating System:

 Installation, configuration, and administration of Solaris Operating System

 Solaris tftp boot Client/Server Configuration

 C program and KSH script data processing utility development.

Developed C and assembly software (firmware) and Forth-based diagnostics for Intergraph 32-bit CLIPPER RISC processor.

Algorithm and Data Structure expertise in both Pascal and C.

Embedded Software Development

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Sun Microsystems Workstation Common Desktop Environment

Development Tools

 Sun Blade 2500 Workstation, two UltraSPARC IIIi processors

 GNU project C and C++ Compiler for Solaris

 Windows XP Professional personal computers (qty. 3): Dell Dimension 9200, Dell Dimension 5150, Dell Latitude D620

 Microchip MPLAB Assembler for dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers

 Microchip Development Board, dsPICDEM 2

 Microchip In-Circuit Debugger, MPLAB ICD 2

 Xilinx ISE Development Software

 Xilinx Platform Cable USB In-System Programmer